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Urge Lawmakers to Help Improve Florida’s Insurance and Legal Climates

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear two bills – one that would improve Florida’s insurance climate and one that would make Florida’s legal climate even worse than it already is. Please email these key legislators on the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to support SB 1064 and oppose SB 794.

SB 1064 sponsored by Sen. Dorothy Hukill (R-Port Orange), allows insurance companies to write policies that prohibit the post-loss assignment of benefits or rights other than for purposes of payment. This protects the homeowner by allowing them to maintain the rights of their policy but allows the contractor or subcontractor to be directly paid by the insurer.

SB 1064 is Important to Florida’s Business Community Because the Bill:

  • Protects insurers against inflated claims by insuring the homeowner maintains control of the repair and mitigation process
  • Balances the rights of the homeowner and the insurer when a loss occurs
  • Clarifies that insurers can prohibit the post-loss assignment of benefits as a part of an insurance policy

SB 794 (Prejudgment Interest) allows interest to be charged on damages from the date the injury or tort occurred, not from the date the legal decision was made. Delays in the legal system, which might not be due to the defendant, will only further drive up the cost of personal injury lawsuits. The result is that more companies will be forced to settle to avoid increased legal costs as a result of additional interest in a drawn out legal system.

Please take a moment now to contact these key legislators and urge them to VOTE YES ON SB 1064 and NO ON SB 794 during Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee meeting.



Share your opinion with key Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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