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Email Your Lawmakers Before Noon on Wednesday and Tell Them to Fix Workers’ Comp Now

The Florida House is set to hear a Florida Chamber-backed workers’ comp bill on Wednesday — lawmakers need to hear from you no later than noon on April 19.

This week the Florida House will take up HB 7085 and HB 1107, two pieces of legislation that go a long way toward fixing Florida’s broken workers’ comp system. These bills would reduce cost drivers within the workers’ comp system, avoid drawn-out claims and allow injured workers to get back to work sooner. The House is expected to vote on this important issue Wednesday afternoon.

The 2016 Castellanos Supreme Court decision on workers’ compensation put Florida’s workers’ compensation system in a fragile position – for everybody except the plaintiff trial bar. Workers’ comp rates rose by 14.5 percent, an increase of $1.5 billion on the backs of businesses, without adding any additional benefits for injured workers. Instead, it gave trial lawyers a big pay raise in the form of out-of-control attorney fees – sometimes as high as $400 per hour.



Take Action Now

Contact your legislators today and let them know you want their support for the unammended forms of HB 7085 and HB 1107. Join the Florida Chamber’s Workers’ Compensation Task Force to help us fight for Florida’s future, or contact Carolyn Johnson to add your name to the list.

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