Video Highlights Sue-and-Settle Scheme

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Did You Know Florida Has One of the Worst Legal Climates in the Nation?

Florida’s broken legal climate is in the bottom 10 out of 50 states, and if lawmakers pass prejudgment interest, the worst it yet to come. Florida lawmakers are considering changing laws that would dramatically increase the cost of legal judgments, which would harm Florida businesses.

On March 22, released its latest video highlighting the sue-and-settle trial lawyer scheme called prejudgment interest. Watch the video above, and then share it with other business leaders to warn them about the latest sue-and-settle scheme.

Help Keep Florida’s Workers’ Comp System Working

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Florida’s workers’ compensation rates have increased 14.5 percent for all new and renewal policies, an increase which equates essentially to a $1.5 billion transfer of wealth from Florida businesses to trial lawyers.


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GNVWins Mirror Site Boosts Grassroots Engagement

By: Vicki Gervickas, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, like many Chambers around the state, partnered with the Florida Chamber this election season to provide added value to our 1,300+ members.

Part of our grassroots engagement strategy is using diverse avenues to reach thousands of employees working at our member businesses. And for this past election season, those efforts were particularly critical—we had several hotly contested county-level seats on the August primary ballot, as well as important state races during the general election. We wanted to make the process of registering to vote and learning about the issues of concern to our community as easy as possible.

Our partnership with the Florida Chamber on our mirror site was instrumental in these efforts. With the FloridaWins infrastructure, we were able to easily add local content—such as our candidate questionnaires—to the site’s comprehensive, non-partisan coverage and one-stop voter registration information.

We also took full advantage of the Florida Chamber’s suggestions for social media outreach, to great success. Facebook analytics for the week of July 25th, for example, showed a reach of about 1,800 for our voter registration posts, more than four times the typical response.

Posters, memes and all-member messages rounded out these efforts. And while we can’t take all the credit, the Supervisor of Elections reported record turnout in our county for the August primary.

Important Video Message From Florida Chamber President Mark Wilson

> CONTACT  Greg Blose to take action on making sure your employees voices are heard in the General Election.

With fewer than 1-in-4 registered voters participating in the 2016 Florida Primary Election, Florida Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, Mark Wilson, urges members to help boost turnout and early voting ahead of the November 8, 2016, General Election. The Florida Chamber’s non-partisan employer-to-employee program is stronger than ever and is available to help companies educate their employees on how to register to vote, use absentee ballots, locate early voting and polling precincts, and more.

“This is never about telling someone who to vote for, this is about getting people more involved in civics and our future,” said MARK WILSON, President & CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce


How FloridaWins.Org Can Help Employees Get Involved

Imagine a news organization that provides you with information about the elections and candidates running for office, without telling you what to think or how to vote. It may be hard to imagine, especially in light of recent polls showing fewer Americans than ever trust information provided by the news media. Enter, a non-partisan news and information service designed to help employers communicate with employees about the upcoming elections and the candidates running for office.

Recognizing Floridians are fed up with partisan politics, set out on a mission in 2014 to provide only one thing: the facts. does not endorse candidates and does not promote one party over another – it simply provides the facts to Floridians and lets each person decide where they stand.

In 2016, has stepped up its efforts to educate Floridians about the issues and elections. In addition to regular articles and animated videos covering the issues, the website staff interviewed candidates running for election to the Florida House and Senate and asked them questions about jobs, healthcare and education. The result? More than 100 candidates have a video posted on that allows voters to compare their answers to the questions, side-by-side.

More than 20 regional chambers of commerce have partnered with to help the business community engage its employees in non-partisan voter education efforts. Although many business leaders have responded, more are needed. To help make elections easier for your employees and their friends and family members, contact Greg Blosé at or call 850-521-1243 to get your free copy of the voter engagement toolkit. The toolkit will provide you with the dates, messaging and other tools you need to help educate your employees about the upcoming election.

When your employees are educated and involved, Florida Wins.

Future of Florida’s Defense Industry and Workforce Discussed at Military, Defense & Veterans Summit

Florida’s Workforce, Defense Industries and BRAC were Focus of  Military, Defense & Veterans Opportunities Summit

The Florida Chamber Foundation recently hosted the 2016 Military, Defense & Veterans Opportunities Summit that attracted some of Florida’s most influential leaders to discuss the Future of Florida’s economy and the role our military and defense industries and veterans population play in securing Florida’s future. During the summit, participants heard from business, military and elected leaders from around Florida and  discussed how to resolve some of today’s challenges and take advantage of future opportunities.

To illustrate the important economic impact of the defense industry and Florida’s veterans, the Florida Chamber Foundation released a new Florida Wins video. Florida’s military and defense industry helps employ nearly 775,000 Floridians to work each year and contributes almost $80 billion to our economy.

“The military and defense industry is a pillar of Florida’s economy, improving economic prosperity and providing jobs for thousands of Floridians,” said AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES COMMISSIONER ADAM PUTNAM, a keynote speaker at the Summit. “Florida continues to be at the forefront of new innovations and technology, attracting both the companies and talent needed to grow this industry.”

Jeffrey Cathey, Senior Military Affairs Executive for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Cissy Proctor, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, and Glen Sutphin, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs discussed how important veterans’ military experience is to closing the skills gap and building a trained workforce that can enhance Florida’s ability to attract businesses who are considering moving to or expanding into Florida.
Visit the Military, Defense & Veterans Opportunities webpage to view videos of portions of the Summit.

We will continue this discussion at the Future of Florida Forum, taking place September 28-30 in Orlando.  Register today to join the conversation.

Florida Has More Than 12 Million Registered Voters

Do you like being listened to or ignored? In November, Florida voters will have an opportunity to make sure their voice is heard and play a vital role in electing officials that will shape the future at the local, state and national level. The question is, of the more than 12 million voters registered, how many will participate?  In the 2014 general election, turnout of registered voters was only 51 percent.

As businesses and other organizations around Florida kick off Employee Voter Registration Week, have you registered to vote?  If you want to participate in the 2016 Primary Election, the last day to register is August 1.

To find out how to register to vote in your county, visit and click on “Register to Vote”.

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28% of Florida’s Land is Held in Conservation

According to the latest data from, approximately 28 percent of Florida’s land is in conservation. This means 10 million of Florida’s 34.7 million acres of land is owned by local, state and federal government.

How much of your county’s land is in conservation? View your county’s Scorecard to find out.

About Florida Wins:

When Florida’s budget is in line with the needs of the state, Florida wins. Ensure Florida remains the best place to live, work, play and learn. Visit FloridaWins.Org to learn more.

What Are the Impacts of Global Trade to Florida’s Economy?

Florida is made for trade; and trade equals jobs in the Sunshine State. So why don’t you hear more about the impact of global trade? This video shows why you should care about international trade and business in Florida.

Transportation: The Path to Florida’s Future

Is Florida Prepared for the Next Big Storm?

Florida’s property insurance rates are some of the highest in the country. Why? This video explains why your property insurance bill is higher…and what you can do about it.

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You Can Help Florida Win

Florida’s General Election is just 20 days away. Learn about a new and completely free online program to help you, your family, coworkers and friends understand the issues and candidates on Florida’s ballot.

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Visit for non-partisan news and information about the elections, as well as a complete list of candidates on November’s ballot.