Florida Has Created Nearly 1 Million Net New Jobs Since 2010

Florida’s job growth since the recession has been unprecedented. Since December 2010, 978,800 private sector jobs have been created. When December 2015 job numbers are released, the total of net new jobs is expected to reach 1 million. The state’s year over job growth rate has steadily risen to 3.0 percent, which tops the nation among the 10 largest states.

Despite the creation of so many new jobs, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity reports that 299,530 jobs went unfilled last month, a growing trend that indicates a significant gap between job demand and the talent available. With 2 million more jobs needed in Florida by 2030, how can we ensure tomorrow’s workforce has the skills and training to fill the jobs of the future?

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Did You Know Florida’s Large Businesses Employ More Than Half of the State’s Workforce?

Florida is home to 4,400 large companies that employ more than half of the state’s private sector workforce and capture large shares of domestic and global markets. Some of Florida’s largest companies, including Publix Supermarkets, AutoNation, Darden Restaurants, Bealls and A. Duda and Sons, were born and raised in the Sunshine State.

Florida’s large businesses serve as an important economic driver, providing strategic diversification and a robust business climate that ensures multiple generations of families can live and work in the communities of their choice. With Florida’s workforce estimated to need 2 million new jobs by 2030, what is your community doing to recruit and grow the next generation of businesses?

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Workers’ Compensation Rates Have Dropped 60 Percent Since 2003

In 2003, Florida had the second highest workers’ compensation premium in the country. In 2014, that number decreased by nearly 60 percent.

Workers’ comp is insurance coverage purchased by businesses to provide wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment. It ensures the safety of Florida’s workforce, but fraudulent claims, cost shifting and attorney fees can result in unnecessary expenses and increased insurance premiums, driving rates up.

As Florida’s workforce prepares for 2 million net new jobs needed by 2030, how will we continue to improve workers’ comp costs and maintain a competitive business climate, while helping injured workers get the medical assistance they need?

Encourage Legislators to “Market Florida”

On Wednesday, April 1, the House and Senate will begin finalizing Florida’s budget. The Florida Chamber is leading the effort to encourage the Florida Legislature to invest a minimum of $20 million annually to market Florida’s business climate in other states. Florida currently spends $0 telling Florida’s success story to businesses in other states in an effort to increase job creation in the Sunshine State. California spends $50 million in this area and New York is in the middle of a $200 million ad campaign.

The initial proposals from both the House and Senate show an initial offering to fund 25 percent – or less in the House budget – of the recommended investment.

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