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First, I’d like to thank the Florida Chamber of Commerce for providing me the opportunity to connect with Chamber members here. The work being done every day by the Chamber to improve and enhance the business climate in Florida is important, as economic opportunity empowers communities and individuals alike.

My name is Brad Nash, VP of Regional Field Sales – Southeast. I started with T-Mobile more than 14 years ago in Florida working with Independent Dealer Owners. As I progressed in my career, I have had the privilege of supporting the Florida markets who have been instrumental to T-Mobile’s growth as a company.

As you can see, T-Mobile has been my home for a while, but I’ve never been as excited about our future as a company than I am right now. The merger of T-Mobile with Sprint will take the company to a new level, positioning us in a way that allows us to do far greater things for wireless—like deploying a fast, nationwide 5G network quickly—all without losing our customer-centric focus.

Florida’s business sector is vast, with industries ranging from agricultural and manufacturing, all the way to space technology. Its population is equally diverse, and T-Mobile is pleased to serve as both an employer and as a wireless provider to Floridians. We’ve been named a top employer in Tampa Bay by the Tampa Bay Times, and a Best Place to Work in Tampa Bay by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Our Tampa Bay Customer Experience Center continues to be ranked as a top place to work year after year—including being ranked number one for large companies in 2016.

We are committed to Florida as an employer, and as a wireless carrier.

The merger with Sprint will bring new opportunities for individuals and businesses here in Florida. We’ll be adding jobs and making investments as we work to get the equipment and processes in place to launch our 5G network.

Making the investment in tech infrastructure is an investment in the future. Companies like Lyft that did not exist before 4G was deployed are now household names. Others that existed before, like Netflix and Amazon, changed dramatically as the mobile internet grew. I believe the same burst of entrepreneurship and innovation will follow the rollout of 5G. Companies locate to where the infrastructure exists to develop their products and markets. Simply put, innovation will flourish where 5G exists.

The benefits of this merger will have far-reaching impacts. States will experience growth as the network infrastructure work progresses. As 5G is deployed, customers’ wireless experiences will change dramatically, as downloads that used to take minutes take only seconds—and, higher capacity means the ability to add up to ten times more devices.

Jobs and economic growth, fast, reliable wireless connections, and the unleashing of entrepreneurial potential. We’re looking forward to what the future will bring to Florida.

By: Brad Nash, VP of Regional Field Sales – Southeast, T-Mobile 

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