Constitution Revision CommissionTargeted Tax Reforms

Shape and Priorities of the CRC Come Into Focus

Right now, Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) is making decisions that could impact the lives of every Florida business and resident for years to come.

That’s because the CRC, which convenes once every 20 years, is reviewing proposed changes to Florida’s Constitution – many of which may go before voters on the 2018 general election ballot.

Already, the shape and priorities of the CRC are beginning to come into focus. Last week, the CRC Rules and Administration Committee met in Tallahassee and announced its Committee Meeting Schedule and a September 22 public proposal filing deadline.

Earlier this week, Governor Rick Scott announced he is pushing for a constitutional amendment that would require a supermajority vote of the legislature to raise any taxes or fees. House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who supports the proposal, was at the Governor’s side for the announcement.  A constitutional amendment proposal through the CRC may be an avenue Governor Scott seeks for this effort.

Want to Make a Difference?

The Florida Chamber of Commerce encourages pro-jobs, pro-business proposals for the CRC’s consideration. Contact me at to learn how you can help secure Florida’s future.

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