Targeted Tax Reforms

Representative Paul Renner Discusses Florida’s Pro-Growth Policies

Representative Paul Renner (R-Palm Coast) recently joined the Florida Chamber of Commerce to discuss Florida’s pro-growth, pro-jobs policies, like the Florida House’s recent targeted tax reform package.

 “I think it keeps us on a pro-growth path so we’re creating jobs,” said Rep. Renner. “I think if you look back at how states responded when the economy collapsed… Florida tightened its belt- we didn’t go out and raise taxes. And the result of that is now that the economy’s come back, we bounced back faster. You see job growth ahead of the nation. We’ve taken a pro-growth path for the last 10 years and its reaping benefits now.”

In fact, according Rep. Renner, Florida has a unique opportunity when it comes to targeted tax reforms, but doing so will require making decisions today that will help businesses grow jobs for tomorrow. Among his top priorities this Legislative Session:

“It’s continuing to give back to businesses and tax payers the surplus that were seeing by making good choices,” said Rep. Renner. “And by doing so, still we keep that economic engine running and we continue to have, with greater economic activity, more surpluses hopefully in the future where we can provide some targeted tax relief and continue to work on our infrastructure.”

Looking ahead to help secure Florida’s future has been a Florida Chamber priority for the past 100 years.

“I think what’s great about the [Florida] Chamber is, we often in Tallahassee get caught up in the expediency of today,” said Rep. Renner.  “The [Florida] Chamber is always forward looking- you have the Six Pillars and you’re looking ahead five, 10, 20 years out, whether it’s water policy or infrastructure. I think that’s what’s really important about the [Florida] Chamber’s role in electing pro-growth, pro-business candidates.”


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