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Rep. Danny Burgess On Why Workers’ Comp Reform Is Essential


Helping Injured Workers is at the Heart of Workers’ Compensation Reform

“The House’s goal in all of this is to insure that this is the most open, transparent take that we have ever attempted to make on the workers’ compensation reform process….I just appreciate [stakeholders] taking so much time to make sure that we have the best bill that we can possibly have for those that are at the heart of the grand bargain – the employers and the employees.”
– Rep. Danny Burgess, Florida House Insurance and Banking Committee Chairman

Watch Rep. Danny Burgess (R-Zephyrhills), the House Banking and Insurance Committee Chairman, on the latest edition of the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line explaining how expanding benefits for injured workers and reining in attorney behavior is the impetus behind the House’s efforts to reform Florida’s broken workers’ compensation system.

Have You or Your Business Felt the Impact of the 14.5 Percent Increase in Workers’ Comp Rates?

Email your lawmakers before noon on Wednesday and tell them to fix workers’ comp now. Ask them to support HB 7085 and HB 1107 in their non-amended forms.

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