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The Constitution Revision Commission, which meets every 20 years, is reviewing and will soon recommend proposed changes to Florida’s Constitution. These proposals will appear on the 2018 General Election ballot. The Florida Chamber of Commerce is reviewing each of the 103 commissioner proposals to let Floridians know the impacts on our state. The Florida Chamber supports the the following proposals that are good for business.



Supermajority Vote


Proposal 72 has been filed by Commissioner Fred Karlinsky for consideration by the Constitution Revision Commission. Proposal 72, if passed by the voters, would require a two-thirds vote of the legislature to increase any taxes or fees, or remove or reduce any tax credits or tax exemptions. Additionally, the consideration of any tax or fee increase or reduction of any tax credit or tax exemption must be contained in a single bill that contains no other subjects. This proposal is identical to legislation that has passed the Florida House of Representatives.

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Raising Florida Teacher Pay Toward the National Average


Fiscal impacts of the 2002 amendment continue to be extraordinary. The 2002 class size amendment is
estimated to have cost about $40 billion since the program began implementation and continues to
subsequently cost the state about $3 billion per year. By adjusting the way our state’s schools calculate their
class sizes, this proposal would allow school districts to save a tremendous amount of taxpayer money that
would go directly towards our children’s educators.

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Amendment or Revision Election


Proposal 97 was introduced by Commissioner Belinda Keiser for consideration by the full Constitution Revision Commission. This proposal creates consistency throughout Article XI for the passage of constitutional amendments. Currently, Article XI calculates the percentage for passage of a constitutional amendment differently based on whether or not it is a taxing amendment. While the numerator is the same for these fractions, the denominators are different.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce believes this proposal seeks to create consistency by the way that votes are tallied; and eliminates confusion by bringing parity to different ways to calculate passage of a constitutional amendment. For these reasons, the Florida Chamber of Commerce supports Proposal 97.

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