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President Galvano Shares Insights on Infrastructure and Employer Mandates

Senate President Bill Galvano Shares Insights on Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line
Talks Florida’s Infrastructure Demands and Improving the Climate for Business

Senate President Bill Galvano says he hopes to continue strengthening Florida’s infrastructure efforts to meet our growing population, and will continue fighting back against employer mandates that put job creators at a disadvantage.

On the latest edition of the Florida’s Chamber’s Bottom Line, President Galvano explains how 900 people are moving to Florida every day, and those new residents need sound infrastructure to meet their needs.

“Planning our infrastructure is more vital now than ever,” said Galvano. “For far too long we’ve been doing, what I believe, is planning in reverse and not maximizing the economic opportunity full state”

Galvano also discussed fighting back against employment provisions and E-Verify.

“What makes Florida great and what creates opportunity is not me and my colleagues, we have a role, but it’s the small business owner, it’s the business that comes here and creates lots of jobs, it’s the people who are working, living, and producing in the state every day,” said Galvano.

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