2020 Florida Senate Candidates

During the 2020 Legislative Session, 107 members of the Florida Legislature earned A’s or B’s on the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Legislative Report Card — up 9 in 2019. While this is a step in the right direction, Florida still has a long way to go. One of the biggest risks we face is a divided business community and with an upcoming election, stakes are high. The Florida Chamber will continue to look past partisan politics and fight for leaders that put jobs first. It’s imperative that we get involved like our future depends on it… because it actually does.

We are recruiting and electing pro-business, pro-job candidates, chosen after hundreds of rigorous candidate interview sessions — Florida’s most thorough and respected pro-business candidate review process. For the 2020 Election Cycle, the Florida Chamber Political Institute (FCPI) hosted virtual interviews with nearly one hundred potential candidates for office. Prior to the interview process each candidate must complete a thorough and intensive questionnaire that outlines their position on the issues important to Florida’s future.

We will continue to advocate for candidates who have Florida’s future as a priority, and fight to lead Florida in the right direction. You can help by hosting political fundraisers, investing in the Florida Chamber’s political efforts or by simply signing up for www.FloridaWins.org. We urge you to join us in the arena to make Florida more competitive.

2020 General Election Senate Races

District 1

District 3

  • Ausley, Loranne (DEM) 
  • Preston, Marva Harris (REP)

District 5

District 7

District 9

District 11

District 13

  • Anderson, Joshua (REP)
  • Stewart, Linda (DEM) *Incumbent

District 15

  • James, Mike (NPA)
  • Minnis Jr., Louis (REP) 
  • Torres, Victor (DEM) *Incumbent

District 17

District 19

  • Paylan, Christina (NPA)
  • Rouson, Darryl Ervin (DEM) *Incumbent

District 20 – Special Election

District 21

District 23

District 25

District 27

District 29

  • Norton, Brian (REP)
  • Polsky, Tina (DEM)

District 31

  • Berman, Lori (DEM) *Incumbent
  • Donnally, Tami (REP)

District 33

  • Thurston Jr., Perry E. (DEM) *Incumbent

District 35

  • Hill, Darien (WRI)
  • Jones, Shervin “Shev” (DEM)

District 37

  • Garcia, Ileana (REP)
  • Rodriguez, Alex (NPA)
  • Rodriguez, Jose Javier (DEM) *Incumbent

District 39

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