Regulatory Reform

Opposing New Mandates on Job Creators

Preventing a Patchwork of Regulations

Despite strong opposition from unions and big government organizations, a Florida House committee today advanced a Florida Chamber of Commerce-backed bill preempting employment regulations and mandates on job creators to the state.

Florida Chamber 2019 Most Valuable Legislator Representative Bob Rommel is sponsoring HB 305, which gives job creators greater certainty, and prevents a patchwork of local regulations on job classifications, scheduling and more.

The Florida Chamber thanks Rep. Rommel and the House Local, Federal and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee for standing up for job creators.

Are Regulations Getting in Your Way?

While elected leaders have worked to provide regulatory certainty at the state level, there’s more work to be done at the federal and local level. The Florida Chamber Litigation and Regulatory Reform Center is working to ensure red tape isn’t getting in the way of job creation. Share your ‘regulatory horror story’ with us today.

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