Florida Chamber Litigation Center: Amicus BriefsWorkers Compensation

Florida Chamber Expert Panel Discusses Possible Ramification

All eyes are on the Florida Supreme Court as they deliberate taking action on two cases that could significantly impact Florida’s workers’ compensation rates.

Keeping workers’ comp rates fair and not inflated by trial lawyer tactics is a top priority of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. On behalf of Florida’s business community, the Florida Chamber led efforts to help lower workers’ comp rates by more than 50 percent over the last 10 years.

The Florida Chamber is laser focused on both cases before the state’s high court and we are actively engaged, having filed an Amicus Brief in both cases. Recently, during the Florida Chamber’s Insurance Summit, a panel of workers’ comp experts shared their thoughts on both cases.

The panel discussed how these cases challenge the gap between temporary and total permanent disability, the legality of caps on attorneys’ fees, and whether workers’ comp should serve as an exclusive remedy. A decision against the business community in any one of these cases could have a significant impact on workers’ comp rates.

The Florida Chamber is committed to keeping you apprised of the outcome of these cases, and will share the high court’s ruling as soon as the opinion is released.

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