Did You Know Florida’s Private-Sector Has Created 651,300 Jobs Since December 2010?

Did You Know?

Florida job creators added 12,800 private-sector jobs over the month of September which helped lower Florida’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to 6.1%, down two basis points to one of the lowest since the recession began. Nine of the ten major industries across Florida experienced positive over the year job growth through September, with only government employment showing a decline over the year. In September, 66 of Florida’s 67 counties saw unemployment drop.

Since December of 2010, Florida has added 651,300 private-sector jobs and we have dropped five percentage points in unemployment, reducing Florida’s unemployment rate from 11.1% to 6.1%. Our state has experienced 50 consecutive months of positive job growth and Florida’s annual job growth rate has been better than the nation’s rate since April of 2012.

Forecasts from the July meeting of the Florida Economic Estimating Conference suggest that, assuming no significant changes, Florida is forecasted to add approximately 200,000 over the year as it marches back to its peak employment by 2016.

As we project forward to 2030, population growth and demographic changes are going to play a big part in Florida’s future workforce. Based on Florida Chamber Foundation estimates, we will need to create close to two million net new jobs across the state to maintain a six percent unemployment rate. “The kind of jobs we create will define the kind of Florida we live in,” said Chamber Foundation Executive Vice President Tony Carvajal. “As the global landscape continues to evolve and Florida positions itself as the leading place for talent and economic opportunity, we will need to maintain a focus on the diversification of our economy in every community in order to achieve global competitiveness, high wage jobs, and vibrant and sustainable communities.”

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