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Florida is Ranked #1 for Transportation Infrastructure

While Florida ranks number one in infrastructure rankings in the nation, our state’s continued population growth will require unique solutions to transportation issues. Consider that as the nation’s third most populous state, approximately 800 net new people move to Florida each day. It’s estimated Florida will grow by six million more residents between now and 2030, with a total population of 26 million – which will bring both challenges and opportunities to Florida’s diverse business climate.

At the January 29 Florida Chamber Foundation Transportation Summit, thought leaders from private industry, Florida’s Department of Transportation (FDOT), as well as regional business and government leaders discussed the state of Florida’s transportation industry and the trends that Florida must prepare for.

Newly appointed FDOT Secretary Jim Boxold shared the long-term goals of FDOT and the importance of transportation as the “foundation for job creation, and the delivery of education and health care services in Florida. “

Florida has always been an attractive destination for visitors from other states and countries. One of the interesting things is that Florida’s net natural population increase is small, and expected to be negative starting in the Fiscal Year 2027-28, when deaths outnumber births in the state. Of the expected growth from 2015 to 2030, 90 percent of the expected population growth will be from people moving to Florida from elsewhere, not native growth.

As we plan for transportation not only will Florida have to accommodate new industries, more visitors, and population growth – Florida must be responsive to the needs of an aging population and their need for accessibility and other mobility challenges.

Source: Florida Office of Economic & Demographic Research

Looking at a breakdown by age group, it’s easy to see that those 60 and older show the highest gain.  Another substantial age group showing gains is those younger than 17:

  • 14.2 percent will be 0-17 years old,
  • 55.5 percent will be age 60 and higher – 2.2 million people, and
  • 28.8 percent will be 70 or older – 1.5 million


Scott Koons, Executive Director of the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council said, “The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Transportation Summit brought together the right people from the private sector, the State agencies, and local and regional planners to help all of us plan better for Florida’s future transportation needs.”

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