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A Call To Action: Florida Jobs 2030


Authored By: Charles Hokanson, Senior Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, Helios Education Foundation

Polk County will need to create more than 61,900 net new jobs by 2030 to meet demand. And while third-grade reading scores, high school graduation rates and educational attainment in Polk County are improving, is it enough to ensure our workforce is prepared for future jobs that may not exist today?

Florida will need to fill the more than 2 million net new jobs needed by 2030. The Florida Chamber Foundation’s latest research report, Florida Jobs 2030, shows 64 percent of Florida jobs will require some form of post-secondary education by 2021. The workers of tomorrow will need to remain competitive in the midst of automation, globalization and technological advances.

While there are gaps to address between the requirements of these positions and the current levels of education and training within the state, this is also an opportunity for students and communities to take advantage of middle-skill and entry-level opportunities, which don’t require advanced degrees.

Florida Jobs 2030 poses a call to action to businesses, educators, philanthropy, training providers, employers, employees, communities, local government and policy makers to partner together to create pathways toward success for today’s students.

At Helios Education Foundation, our mission is to ensure that every individual in Arizona and Florida has the opportunity to attend and is prepared to succeed in post-secondary education. We believe that education changes lives and strengthens communities; that education is an investment, not an expense; that every student, regardless of Zip code, deserves a high-quality education; and that we will achieve our mission through partnership and collaboration.

We must work collaboratively to ensure our students are prepared to enter a workforce that is globally competitive and secures our state’s economic future. If you agree, join the conversations at the Florida Chamber Foundation’s annual Learners to Earners Education Summit in June.

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