Targeted Tax Reforms

House Ways and Means Committee Passes Tax Package Lowering Florida-Only Business Rent Tax

On February 14, the House Ways and Means Committee passed the House tax package, which includes a reduction in the Florida-only Business Rent Tax. This targeted tax reform will provide a more equitable and competitive tax system for Florida.

WMC 18-03, better known as the Florida House tax package, would reduce the Florida-only business rent tax from 5.8 percent to 5.5 percent and create sales tax holidays for hurricane preparedness and back-to-school. Reducing the business rent tax will allow businesses, particularly small businesses, to hire more employees, raise wages and invest back into their businesses.

Two Ways to Get Involved

    1. Sign the Petition – The Florida-only business rent tax disproportionately harms small business and makes Florida less competitive. Sign the petition to call on Florida lawmakers to cut the business rent tax.
    2. Watch Video – Citrus County business leaders spoke with the Business Rent Tax Coalition on why it is important to cut the Florida-only business rent tax. Watch the full video below.

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