From Students & Parents to Teacher Development, Supporting Reforms Helps Florida’s Future

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A talented workforce is Florida’s best long-term economic strategy. The Florida Chamber believes a quality education system is the best way to ensure our students can compete in a global economy. We will continue to fight for an education system which also creates an atmosphere that allows parents to take control of their child’s academic future while supporting the growth of quality teachers.

  • Championing School Choice Options
    Empowering parents to take the lead on choosing the best learning environment for their children gives students more opportunities for success and promotes competition, which encourages continual improvements to Florida’s education system.
  • Advocating for Rigorous Accountability Standards
    Continuing to support assessment and accountability systems at all levels of Florida’s education system will help ensure a globally competitive talent pipeline.
  • Improving Professional Development Options for Teachers
    Fighting to improve professional development and benefit options for Florida’s teachers will create opportunities for America’s best teachers to train and remain in Florida, while helping our state remain competitive.
  • Investing in Digital and Virtual Education
    Expanding the use of cost-effective digital learning and virtual education tools throughout Florida’s education system will ensure Florida’s talent pipeline remains able to compete globally.

Florida competition is no longer Georgia or California, but Brazil, India and China. And while reforms continue to move Florida in the right direction our fight is far from over. From championing early learning initiatives to supporting a K-12 system that allows students to succeed, Florida wins when we place the needs of our students before the needs of unions.

A highly-educated workforce drives future private-sector job growth. Be a part of the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Business Alliance for Early Learning and help us invest in the future of Florida’s students.

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