Transportation Investments

Florida’s Transportation Future

By Doug Wheeler
President and CEO, Florida Ports Council

Florida’s transportation systems are vital to our growing economy. As Florida plans for six million more Floridians by 2030, Florida’s transportation infrastructure faces unique challenges.

The Florida Ports Council is focused on how Florida’s 15 public seaports play a leading role in providing jobs and generating a strong economy. Currently, Florida’s ports generate nearly 900,000 direct and indirect jobs, and generate about $97 billion in total economic value. Further, Florida’s ports are ranked sixth among the nation’s top exporting states.

To remain a leader, Florida must expand its vision and understanding of where the competition comes from. Florida no longer only competes with ports in the southeast, but all across the globe. Marketing Florida’s transportation assets to industries like manufacturers will help diversify our economy, bring new businesses and jobs.

For these reasons, we look forward to joining business leaders, industry experts and policy makers to discuss these important issues at the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2016 Transportation Summit on December 6 in Miami.

From rustic frontier to the third most populous state in the nation, Florida’s transformation was achieved in large part through improvements and innovation in transportation. Planning for the future will make Florida stronger.

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