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Florida Manufacturing Export Numbers Consistent With Boosting Efforts

Jensen Werley, Reporter- Jacksonville Business Journal

A report released by shows that exports of manufactured goods contributed significantly to the state’s international trade, according to sister paper the Orlando Business Journal.

Lake Ray, president of the First Coast Manufacturing Association, said he isn’t surprised.

“We’ve been wanting to double number of exports out of state, particularly out of the manufacturing sector,” Ray told the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Exports of manufactured goods have accounted for 76 percent of all state exports in May, which is the most recent data released. Exports from state manufacturers increased by 16.8 percent from the previous month.

Ray said that this could be because of efforts made at the state level, such as freight mobility plans, improvements to ports and a sales tax initiative to give exemption on manufacturing equipment, which took effect in April.

“We’re doing things to encourage and increase the things we’re making, and the number of things we’re exporting,” he said.

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