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Florida Chamber Foundation Chair Doug Davidson Discusses Florida’s Future

“I want to help prepare our state for economic growth.”

Doug Davidson, Commercial Banking Marketing Executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Chair, Florida Chamber Foundation

From tomorrow’s workforce to changes in how we move people, the Florida Chamber Foundation’s focus is on our state’s future. As the new Florida Chamber Foundation Chair, Doug Davidson will lead the way to many of these future discussions.

“I think there are challenges and I think there are opportunities that can be very positive for our state,” said DAVIDSON.

As the third most populous state in the nation, and growing, meeting the needs of the next generation of Floridians is one challenge the Florida Chamber and Florida Chamber Foundation seek to address.
For instance, by 2030, its estimated water demand will increase by 20 percent and we will need infrastructure systems that can handle 150 million visitors each year. So just how does our state prepare for growth? As Davidson explains, Florida 2030 can help guide us. Florida 2030 is the culmination of years’ worth of research that will be the blueprint for our state’s strategic plan from now to 2030. The gaps captured in Florida 2030 will be pivotal for our state to succeed.

“I’m very optimistic of what the Florida 2030 study is going to do for this state,” said DAVIDSON. “It will become a unifying document, a unifying discussion around the state. The study is already underway- we have literally spoken to thousands of people, we are traveling around the state, we’re listening to people around the state about what’s important in their communities… Two million more jobs are going to be necessary to keep the same level of employment that we’re enjoying today in the state of Florida. I see the Florida 2030 study as being a statewide discussion so that we can better prepare.”



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