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Florida Chamber Bottom Line: Enterprise Florida is Essential For Florida’s Economic Development

In the latest Florida Chamber Bottom Line, we sat down with Jamal Sowell, President and CEO of Enterprise Florida Inc. to discuss the work Enterprise Florida has done to diversify Florida’s economy as well as the impact defunding the program could have on Florida’s future economic development.

“Enterprise Florida works specifically with the local Economic Development Corporations and because of that the return on investment has been amazing,” said Sowell. “There has been over $17 billion in capital investment, over 200,000 jobs made, and 1,000 economic development projects that have come from that.”

Drastically reducing or worse, eliminating Florida’s targeted and proven economic development programs will not provide the momentum Florida must have in order to keep our state’s amazing job creation success going.

Take Action

Under the current budget proposals, the Florida Senate has recommended fully funding EFI’s operations budget, while the House proposed zero dollars in investment. This week, legislators are positioned to begin conferencing on their respective budgets. Please take two minutes to contact your Representative and your Senators to encourage them to fully fund Enterprise Florida.

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