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Employment Regulations


Reducing Burdens on Job Creators


Why It Matters to Florida

Florida’s business community is facing a possible avalanche of new laws, rules and regulations that ultimately will only make it much tougher for employers to hire new workers. We know that Florida businesses struggle to create jobs and drive the economy forward when they are worried about a blizzard of new rules and regulations, built upon an already complex system of employment laws.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

Thanks to Governor Scott’s leadership and the Florida Legislature’s focus on jobs, Florida has eliminated more than 4,500 outdated, duplicative or unnecessary regulations. As Florida competes with other states and countries, supporting efforts that protect business from costly and unnecessary regulation and mandates is crucial for our state’s competitiveness.

The Fight for Free Enterprise Continues

We must continue to fight against efforts which often strike the pockets of small businesses, and instead, focus on creating a positive labor environment where all 67 counties, 412 cities and 34 state agencies are aligned to help job creators grow in Florida.


Act Now

Help us keep the cost of doing business in Florida low so we can retain and attract job creators.

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