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Did You Know By 2030, Florida Will Need 20% More Water?

Florida is currently the third largest state in the nation, with a population TheFloridaScorecard.org recently predicted has topped 21.3 million Floridians.

As we look at the challenges and opportunities a growing population brings, one of the Florida 2030 research report’s recommendations is to ensure our state has high quality and well managed water resources.

Is Florida in a position to build new infrastructure projects and diversify water sources to meet growing demand?

Here’s how you can learn more about the recommendations found in Florida 2030, and how they can apply to your community:

  • DOWNLOAD & SHARE the Florida 2030 Key Targets & Strategies Report by visiting www.Florida2030.org.
  • JOIN US at a statewide Florida 2030 rollout in your region and learn more about the issues that matter to you.
  • REGISTER for the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2018 Growth & Infrastructure Summit, where we will cover topics like future water needs, and also take a deep dive into the hard and soft infrastructure challenges and solutions Florida will need to address between now and 2030.

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