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Did You Know Almost 70 Percent of Florida’s Potential Water Supply is on Private Land?

With Florida’s population expected to increase by 6 million more residents in 2030, total statewide water consumption will grow to 9 billion gallons a day – a 20 percent increase over today’s demands. To meet these needs, it is imperative that Florida develop a long-term, comprehensive water plan that focuses on sustainability, economic growth and quality of life.

Approximately 10 million of Florida’s 34.7 million acres of land is owned by local, state and federal government and dedicated to conservation. Twice as much of Florida’s land, 19.4 million acres, is private land with conservation opportunity. Many of Florida’s private land owners are currently expanding their infrastructure for alternative surface water storage and investing in conservation and reuse projects that protect the state’s water supply.

“Farmers, ranchers and other private land owners are the best stewards of their land and ideal partners for conservation easements and water retention and storage projects,” said Michael Minton, Chair of the Agribusiness Industry Team at Dean, Mead, Minton & Zwemer. “By creating sustainable water conservation solutions, Florida can meet present and future consumption needs while protecting our valuable natural resources and promoting sustainable agriculture that supports the state’s economic growth.”

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