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Court Temporarily Blocks Overtime Rule- Here’s What’s Next

A Texas court has granted a preliminary injunction blocking the Department of Labor’s (DOL) new overtime regulation nationwide. The rule, set to take effect Dec. 1, would have caused Florida job creators to make tough decisions on how to control costs while examining how they classify and pay employees.

If the rule had taken effect, it would have resulted in significant new costs – $12 billion over 10 years according to the White House – and it would have caused many disruptions in how work gets done. The reality is, changing overtime regulations will not guarantee more income, but instead will negatively impact Florida’s small businesses and drastically limit employment opportunities.

The Florida Chamber has actively fought this new rule since it was announced last summer, including:

  • Officially opposing the proposed rule in comments to the DOL,
  • Meeting with Florida’s Congressional Delegation to express genuine concern about the impacts of this rule on Florida job creators, and
  • Engaging business leaders to share their concerns with DOL officials.
While the Court’s injunction is a move in the right direction, it’s only temporary. We must not retreat. Please take 30 seconds TODAY to share how this rule will impact your business, and encourage President-Elect Donald Trump to permanently repeal this proposed rule.

Here’s how you can share your voice:

1. Go to President-Elect Trump’s website by clicking here
2. Copy and paste this text to share your story:
Dear President-Elect Trump: Please repeal the Obama Administration’s Overtime Rule PERMANENTLY. This rule is harmful to businesses like mine and makes our state less competitive. Thank you for your support.

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