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BREAKING- Florida House Approves Anti-Economic Development Bill

A few moments ago the Florida House voted by a 87-28 margin to approve HB 7005, a controversial bill that eliminates economic development initiatives and sends the signal that Florida is closed for business.

Click here to find out if your lawmaker supported this legislation that makes Florida less competitive.

Despite overwhelming opposition and more than 40,000 messages from Florida Chamber members opposing the bill, the Florida House voted to eliminate:

  • Enterprise Florida,
  • Florida’s Small Business Development Center,
  • The Office of Film and Entertainment, and
  • Dozens of economic development programs designed to encourage new jobs and a strong economy.

HB 7005 now travels to the Florida Senate. The Florida Senate does not appear to share the Florida House’s appetite to kill Florida’s economic development programs. However, upcoming budget conversations will be very important to the future of economic development initiatives in Florida.

Be on the lookout for future messages encouraging you to communicate with Representatives that voted to kill economic development efforts in the state of Florida.

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