Constitution Revision Commission

Belinda Keiser: Contribute Your Ideas to Florida’s Constitution


On this episode of the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line, Keiser University’s Vice Chancellor Belinda Keiser explains the importance of participating in Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission (CRC). Taking place once every 20 years, the CRC is an opportunity for “citizens of Florida to weigh-in” on Florida’s constitution.


Did You Know:

Established in 1968, Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission is the only one of its kind allowing regular changes to the state constitution.

Join the CRC Discussion Taking Place at the Future of Florida Forum:

Members of Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission, including CRC Chair Carlos Beruff, will participate in a panel discussion during the Florida Chamber’s Future of Florida Forum. Register to attend today.

CRC Public Proposal Deadline Extended:

Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission has extended the deadline to submit proposal to October 6. The deadline was extended to accommodate for Hurricane Irma. To submit your proposal, click here.

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