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Amendment 2: Protecting Florida Job Creators and Families

As we approach the 2018 general election, it is important now more than ever that Floridians stay informed on the amendments placed on the ballot. One of the amendments – Amendment 2 – will have an important impact on Florida job creators and families.

The ballot summary of Amendment 2 reads as follows:

Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to permanently retain provisions currently in effect, which limit property tax assessment increases on specified nonhomestead real property, except for school district taxes, to 10 percent each year. If approved, the amendment removes the scheduled repeal of such provisions in 2019 and shall take effect January 1, 2019.

This amendment will protect hard-working Floridians by permantly retaining the 10 percent cap on annual property tax increases for non-homestead properties, such as commercial or rental properties. Families who rely on their businesses for income benefit significantly from the cap. Failing to extend the cap could hurt business owners and would result in immediate property tax increases.

The latest Florida Chamber poll shows that as voter education efforts ramp up, Amendment 2 is close to achieving the 60 percent required for passage, with 58 percent supporting the amendment, 20 percent opposing and 22 percent unsure.

ICYMI: Realtors Sink $4 Million into Constitutional Amendment

Our partners at the Florida Realtors have launched a campaign entitled “Everybody is for 2” and recently invested $4 million to educate voters on the amendment. Learn more by clicking here.

Get Informed on the Amendments

To learn more about Amendment 2 and the other amendments on the 2018 ballot, click here.

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