A Guide to Planning & Development

By: Florida Chamber Foundation


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Florida’s climate, scenic beauty, and cultural and recreational amenities attract residents, tourists, and business from around the globe. The ability to sustain the vibrant communities that make up Florida’s economic fabric is increasingly under pressure from continued growth in Florida’s economy and population.

As Florida’s population grows, the state’s ability to coordinate economic development, land use, and infrastructure,  and planning over the next two to twenty years will be a crucial determinant of its ability to sustain additional growth while maintaining a high quality of life.

As Florida anticipates the changes expected by 2030 and beyond, it will be crucial that we work towards forward-looking land use and design decisions that:

  • Promote sustainable urban and rural development practices that make more efficient use of land and infrastructure and protect natural resources.
  • Invest in land preservation efforts to ensure protection of essential habitat, water resources, recreational, agricultural, forestry, and other resource lands.
  • Encourage communities and regions to participate in long range visioning activities that link economic development, land use, infrastructure, community planning, and environmental stewardship decisions.

For information on preparing Florida’s infrastructure for smart growth and development, download the Florida 2030 Key Targets & Strategies by visiting www.Florida2030.org



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