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Providing convenient, accessible and affordable healthcare is an important goal for ensuring a successful future for Florida and its residents. As Florida looks towards 2030 and anticipates more than five million new residents, how do we take advantage of new technology and explore new models for delivering health care and other services?

Wellness and health for all Floridians will require:

  • Providing convenient, accessible, and affordable healthcare and wellness options for all residents, with continuing focus on cost shifts, quality outcomes, and care.
  • Creating targeted strategies to address areas with shortages of health professionals, including expanding medical education and provider practices and implementing innovations such as telemedicine and robotics.
  • Demonstrating meaningful improvements in maternal and child health.
  • Helping more Floridians achieve healthy weight by improving access to fresh food, nutrition habits, education, and access to and participation in physical activities.
  • Developing targeted strategies for improving mental health, reducing substance abuse with emphasis on opioid use disorders, and preventing suicide and violent crimes.
  • Increasing cross-sector collaboration for the prevention, early detection, treatment, and management of chronic diseases and conditions.

For information on the future of health care in Florida, download the Florida 2030 Key Targets & Strategies by visiting


Dr. Robert Hauser on the Future of Care 

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