A Global Economy Means Opportunities for Florida’s Future

Florida’s economy is moving in the right direction again. Recent polls from the Florida Chamber’s Political Institute confirm that likely voters remain confident in our economy’s recovery. But while our state is moving in the right direction, we are at a pivotal turning point. Florida is now moving towards becoming the hub for global trade.

For Keiser University, a global economy equals opportunities for Florida’s future talent and workforce. By providing degree programs in Florida, and in China and Nicaragua, we are providing educational opportunities and options to students who will move our state, and the world, forward. For over 40 years, included in the University’s mission is a focus on preparing students to effectively compete, lead and serve in Florida and the global marketplace.  We must continue to work towards attracting and retaining the best talent we can to Florida. And we must do this in high wage fields, which will help diversify Florida’s economy. Our state has a strong foundation in tourism and agriculture, but we can now build on foundation by providing opportunities for innovation, STEM, research and development and more.

At Keiser, we believe closing the talent gap is key to sustained economic development. And what better way to grow, than to grow globally?

To get involved with the Florida Chamber’s global efforts, contact Alice Ancona at

Written by Belinda Keiser, Vice Chancellor, Keiser University

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