2030 Goal Leader Updates

2030 Goal Leader Update: <10% of Florida residents live in housing cost-burdened households

The Florida Housing Coalition is commonly acknowledged as the foremost authority in Florida on housing that is affordable, homelessness, community development and related issues, as a clearinghouse for information, a provider of training and technical assistance, and an advocate at the state and national levels for people in need of housing that is affordable. The Florida Housing Coalition’s mission is to bring together housing advocates and resources so that all Floridians have a home that is affordable in a suitable living environment. The Coalition provides professional consultation services on affordable housing development, fair housing, ending homelessness, and related issues to nonprofit organizations, local governments, and private sector partners. In addition, our Annual Conference, held at the end of August every year, brings together more than 900 affordable housing advocates, lenders, developers, administrators, and policy makers and offers cutting edge trainings and an opportunity to learn from a broad range of housing experts.  Every year, the Coalition publishes Home Matters, an annual report on the challenges Floridians face in securing, building, and providing affordable housing throughout the state.

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