2030 Goal Leader Updates

2030 Goal Leader Update: Top 5 State for Manufacturing Jobs

As the Florida 2030 Blueprint Goal Leader for making Florida a top 5 state for manufacturing jobs, we are proud to work with the Florida Chamber Foundation on ensuring the right things keep happening in the manufacturing sector to advance Florida from #10 in the nation for manufacturing employment – recently up from #11, according to TheFloridaScorecard.org – to top 5 by 2030.

One of our ongoing efforts to propel Florida’s manufacturing sector forward is our annual MakeMore Manufacturing Summit, hosted in partnership with the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Associated Industries of Florida, and CareerSource Florida. We invite all manufacturing stakeholders to join us October 25-26 at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando to collaborate and exchange ideas, challenges, and opportunities to strengthen manufacturing in Florida. This year’s summit will focus on unleashing the power of digital technologies to make Florida more competitive on a global scale.

“Digital technologies are changing the way we make things today, and the rate of adoption will define the competitive playing field for manufacturing going forward,” says Kevin Carr, CEO of FloridaMakes. “The MakeMore Manufacturing Summit is our opportunity as government, industry, and academia to come together and identify the gaps in our manufacturing ecosystem and to provide recommendations for overcoming those challenges.”

To view the agenda, register, and explore sponsorship opportunities, visit: FloridaMakeMore.com.


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