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Your Local Lake or River Could Sue You? Not On Our Watch

Lawmakers Reject Extremist Efforts in Support of Environmental Stewardship

The high cost of living in Florida’s bottom five legal climate means Sunshine State families pay more than $4,442 in “lawsuit taxes” every year. The Florida Chamber knows that frivolous lawsuits are no way to run a business or a state.

Yet some environmental extremists want Floridians to be able to sue on behalf of Mother Nature, potentially costing Florida families even more. The so-called “rights of nature” movement would give legal rights to some water bodies and give standing for nearly any person to sue an individual, organization, business or government for otherwise lawful activities.

Thankfully, legislative committees this week – with support from the Florida Chamber – pushed back against these efforts by passing SB 1382 by Senator Ben Albritton and HB 1199 by Representative Blaise Ingoglia, which would stop this harmful legal doctrine in Florida. Thank you to Senator Albritton and Representative Ingoglia for leading on this important bill.

Unfortunately, allowing your local lake or river to sue you won’t be the only bad idea that surfaces this year.

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