Workforce Development

Workforce Development



Preparing Florida’s Workforce for a Global Economy


Why It Matters to Florida

Florida’s rebounding economy is creating more opportunities for Florida’s families to get back to work. Since December 2010, more than 940,000 private-sector jobs have been created. As Florida’s economy continues to focus on diversification and competitiveness, we must continue to work toward filling the gap that is created between Florida’s current education system and the needs of Florida’s employers. Whether the need is in early education, K-12, higher education, workforce development or lifelong learning, Florida wins when we continue to close the talent gaps and put our students before special interests — no matter what.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

Continuing to provide businesses with the keys to a well-trained talent pool begins with championing high value programs such as Quick Response Training. Supporting training programs will allow businesses, particularly small businesses, to play a leading role in their own growth and development and fill the gaps between employer needs and talent availability.

The Fight for Free Enterprise Continues

Florida’s economy will continue to change, and so must our education and training programs. Whether it’s a server, systems analyst, welder, driver, teacher or any of the thousands of prospective job titles in Florida, talent is quickly becoming the new economic development currency. As Florida’s economy moves toward innovation and high-wage, high-value jobs in emerging industries, we must have the workforce ready to fill these new positions. A strong pool of globally competitive employees will be a powerful lure for businesses who hope to prosper in our state. Together we can ensure Florida remains a national leader in producing a talented workforce.

Act Now

Florida Chamber members regularly tell us that finding and keeping a talented workforce is their top concern. Tell us your story by contacting us today.

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