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Welcome Back? Employer Mandates to Kick Off 2018

The Florida Legislature hasn’t even returned to Tallahassee and employer mandates have already been filed – your opinion is needed soon.

“Ban the Box” From Job Applications

Senator Randolph Bracy (D- Ocoee) filed legislation which prohibits employers from inquiring into an applicant’s criminal history on an initial job application. This is despite studies that show that “ban the box” legislation results in more discrimination in the hiring process. Additionally, employers could be found liable for employees that commit a crime during their employment.

Florida Legislature to Consider $15+ Minimum Wage Mandate

Senator Jose Rodriguez (D-Miami) filed legislation that would mandate Florida’s minimum wage to over $15 an hour. Here at the Florida Chamber, we want more prosperity and good jobs for everyone. Unfortunately, this union-driven concept would only kill training jobs and hurt those it claims to help.

The Florida Chamber will continue to lead the fight against government regulations that are bad for business and bad for employees. The Florida Legislature will return to Tallahassee on September 12th to begin committee hearings before the 2018 Legislative Session begins on January 8th. We will continue to update you on whether these bills progress or other employer mandates are filed.

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