The Health of Our State is at Stake

Growing Florida’s Economy Must Include Improving Access to Healthcare

Florida currently has too many citizens without access to value-based, high-quality healthcare. In fact, one national study ranks Florida 46th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia when it comes to access to healthcare.

Nine-hundred thousand children in Florida now live in poverty. For rural areas, their reality is even far more concerning due to lacking access to diverse healthcare service providers.

To grow Florida’s economy from the 17th largest in the world to the 10th largest, we must ensure a stronger, healthier population.

That’s why the Florida Chamber’s Healthcare Partnership is taking a proactive approach to increasing access to quality healthcare and supporting legislation that will allow Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) the ability to provide certain healthcare services.

“Allowing APRNs to provide healthcare services that they were educated and trained to provide will help ensure more Floridians can receive the healthcare services they desperately need,” said Matthew Choy, Director of Talent, Education and Quality of Life Policy for the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

With the Florida Chamber’s support, lawmakers today passed House Bill 607 by Representative Cary Pigman out of the House Health Quality Subcommittee. We’re only at the beginning stages of the 2020 legislative process, and we need your support to help ensure this good bill makes its way to Governor Ron DeSantis’s desk.

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