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Tell Your Lawmaker: Recent ‘Judicial Hellhole’ Ranking Deserves Our Collective Action


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Last week, the American Tort Reform Association released its “Judicial Hellhole” report and named Florida the worst “Judicial Hellhole” in the country, the first time in the 16 year history of the report.

Lawsuit abuse in Florida is an increasingly serious and expensive problem, and translates approximately into a $3,400 ‘tax’ for Florida’s families each year.

There have been five Wall Street Journal articles this year alone highlighting Florida’s lawsuit abuse problem. The national Institute for Legal Reform named Florida the fifth worst legal climate in America, and now ATRA ranks Florida at the top of their list (even worse than California).


Take Action: Contact Your Legislator

Contact your legislator to let them know Florida needs their leadership. Send a letter to your legislator today and tell them to lower the cost of living on families by fixing Florida’s broken lawsuit climate.

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