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Tell CRC: No to E-Verify in State Constitution 

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission is slated to conduct a final vote on Proposal 6010 (formerly Proposal 29) this week, requiring Florida to adopt legislation regarding employment eligibility verification, better known as E-Verify. This proposal is bad for Florida business as it:

  1. Does not belong in the Florida Constitution. Every state that has adopted E-Verify has done so through legislation, not a constitutional mandate. The constitutional amendment process should not be used as a get-around of the Legislature.
  2. Violates federal immigration law. The federal government is granted the authority to handle immigration law, not the states. Imposing penalties upon a business through this proposal is a violation of the federal immigration law.
  3. Would place significant costs on business for little gain. E-Verify is far from perfect and consistently flags lawful employees. The compliance costs, and penalties associated with it, should not be based on this flawed system.


Take Action Now

Contact the CRC and let them know that you oppose Proposal 6010 by calling the CRC at 850-717-9550 or emailing CRC commissioners directly. Their emails can be found here, along with talking points and additional information.

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