Video Highlights Sue-and-Settle Scheme

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Did You Know Florida Has One of the Worst Legal Climates in the Nation?

Florida’s broken legal climate is in the bottom 10 out of 50 states, and if lawmakers pass prejudgment interest, the worst it yet to come. Florida lawmakers are considering changing laws that would dramatically increase the cost of legal judgments, which would harm Florida businesses.

On March 22, released its latest video highlighting the sue-and-settle trial lawyer scheme called prejudgment interest. Watch the video above, and then share it with other business leaders to warn them about the latest sue-and-settle scheme.

Who Votes Decides Who Wins

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When it comes to voting, remember that people have knocked down walls over it, dreamed about it, and risked their lives to get it. That’s why the Florida Chamber of Commerce is encouraging Floridians to use the most powerful tool they have to protect American opportunity – their right to vote.

There’s more to this election than just the top of the ticket. In fact, there are important state House and Senate races taking place all across Florida, and voters will be asked if they support amendments to the state constitution.

The good news is that employees all across Florida, along with their family and friends, have a special tool available to learn about candidates for state House and Senate, along with the four proposed constitutional amendments on the upcoming ballot. It’s called FloridaWins.Org and it’s a free, non-partisan news and information resource.

At the Florida Chamber, we’re working hard to secure Florida’s future, and want to ensure Florida’s job creators and the employees that fill those jobs have their voices heard. Visit FloridaWins.Org and learn more about the candidates, and make your plans to vote.

Vote early, vote by mail or vote on Election Day. Every vote counts and makes a difference. Learn more by visiting

How FloridaWins.Org Can Help Employees Get Involved

Imagine a news organization that provides you with information about the elections and candidates running for office, without telling you what to think or how to vote. It may be hard to imagine, especially in light of recent polls showing fewer Americans than ever trust information provided by the news media. Enter, a non-partisan news and information service designed to help employers communicate with employees about the upcoming elections and the candidates running for office.

Recognizing Floridians are fed up with partisan politics, set out on a mission in 2014 to provide only one thing: the facts. does not endorse candidates and does not promote one party over another – it simply provides the facts to Floridians and lets each person decide where they stand.

In 2016, has stepped up its efforts to educate Floridians about the issues and elections. In addition to regular articles and animated videos covering the issues, the website staff interviewed candidates running for election to the Florida House and Senate and asked them questions about jobs, healthcare and education. The result? More than 100 candidates have a video posted on that allows voters to compare their answers to the questions, side-by-side.

More than 20 regional chambers of commerce have partnered with to help the business community engage its employees in non-partisan voter education efforts. Although many business leaders have responded, more are needed. To help make elections easier for your employees and their friends and family members, contact Greg Blosé at or call 850-521-1243 to get your free copy of the voter engagement toolkit. The toolkit will provide you with the dates, messaging and other tools you need to help educate your employees about the upcoming election.

When your employees are educated and involved, Florida Wins.

New Video Highlights the Importance of Florida’s Veterans, Military and Defense Industries

With nearly 10 percent of Florida’s economy linked to the military and defense industries, Florida must focus on protecting, supporting and growing its military and defense industry. The Florida Chamber’s non-partisan employer-to-employee program,, is leading the charge on making sure employees have important information on issues that matter to Florida families, job creators and to our state’s economic success.

The latest video focusing on the importance of Florida’s veterans and the military and defense industries. It’s our hope to share this story with business partners like you and the more than three million Floridians that Florida Chamber members employ. We encourage you to share this video with your employees, colleagues, friends and family members.

Please share it on twitter using #IsFLReady and by tagging @Florida_Wins and @FLChamberFDN.

Know Where Your Candidates Stand

The Florida Chamber Political Institute (FCPI) recently concluded statewide candidate interviews to learn more about the pro-business, pro-job platforms of candidates for Florida’s House and Senate. Each interview helps evaluate a candidate’s ideals on securing Florida’s future. FCPI traveled to five different cities across Florida –Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Tallahassee—to learn more about the political and personal side of each individual.

Following the FCPI interviews the Florida Chamber announced endorsements of candidates it believes will help lead Florida to a secure and sustainable future. At the Florida Chamber, we know that securing Florida’s future happens only when the right people are elected, and that’s what our political action is all about—electing those candidates who have a clearly defined understanding of the issues and are not afraid to boldly step up and do the right thing.

You’ve noticed many of our endorsements in the past weeks and more are forthcoming. Those endorsed are candidates we feel will put your families and businesses first. But in order to succeed, we must do our part to encourage our employees to get involved!, a non-partisan, non-biased voter information resource is a great tool. There, employees can register to vote and learn more about candidates by watching short videos of candidates seeking office.

Florida Has More Than 12 Million Registered Voters

Do you like being listened to or ignored? In November, Florida voters will have an opportunity to make sure their voice is heard and play a vital role in electing officials that will shape the future at the local, state and national level. The question is, of the more than 12 million voters registered, how many will participate?  In the 2014 general election, turnout of registered voters was only 51 percent.

As businesses and other organizations around Florida kick off Employee Voter Registration Week, have you registered to vote?  If you want to participate in the 2016 Primary Election, the last day to register is August 1.

To find out how to register to vote in your county, visit and click on “Register to Vote”.

About Florida Wins:

When Florida’s budget is in line with the needs of the state, Florida wins. Share this email to ensure that Florida remains the best place to live, work, play and learn. Visit FloridaWins.Org to learn more.

Florida Chamber Endorses 14 Pro-Business, Pro-Jobs Candidates for the Florida House and Senate

TALLAHASSEE, FL (July 6, 2016) – The Florida Chamber of Commerce today announces 14 candidate endorsements in competitive races for the Florida House and Senate, and congratulates candidates elected without opposition.

Today’s latest round of endorsements is part of a larger Florida Chamber effort to help elect pro-jobs, pro-business candidates that support private-sector job creation and economic growth. Additional endorsements are forthcoming.

“Now, more than ever, Florida needs leaders in the Florida Legislature that will ensure the long-term needs of Florida’s families and small businesses are placed before short-term political fixes and special interest agendas,” said Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Operations for the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Candidates endorsed today include:

Florida Senate:

Florida House of Representatives:

Endorsed incumbent candidates were evaluated on numerous factors, including their historical grades on the Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card. Additionally, the Florida Chamber Political Institute (FCPI) has hosted candidate interview sessions across Florida – interviewing more than 100 non-incumbent candidates.

Floridians can learn more about each candidate, key election dates and polling locations by visiting

The Florida Chamber also congratulates Florida Chamber-backed candidates that were recently elected without opposition:

Florida House of Representatives:

  • Representative Halsey Beshears (R-HD 7)
  • Representative Cyndi Stevenson (R-HD 17)
  • Representative Clovis Watson (D-HD 20)
  • Representative Larry Metz (R-HD 32)
  • Representative Richard Corcoran (R-HD 37)
  • Representative Danny Burgess (R-HD 38)
  • Representative Cary Pigman (R-HD 55)
  • Representative Jake Raburn (R-HD 57)
  • Representative James Grant (R-HD 64)
  • Representative Dane Eagle (R-HD 77)
  • Representative Larry Lee, Jr. (D-HD 84)
  • Representative Bill Hager (R-HD 89)
  • Representative Jim Boyd (R-HD 71)
  • Senator Joseph Abruzzo (D-HD 81)
  • Representative Bobby DuBose (D-HD 94)

Florida Senate:

  • Senator Aaron Bean (R-SD 4)
  • Senator David Simmons (R-SD 9)
  • Senator Wilton Simpson (R-SD10)
  • Senator Tom Lee (R-SD 20)
  • Senator Bill Galvano (R-SD 21)
  • Senator Denise Grimsley (R-SD 26)


What Are the Impacts of Global Trade to Florida’s Economy?

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Transportation: The Path to Florida’s Future

Is Florida Prepared for the Next Big Storm?

Florida’s property insurance rates are some of the highest in the country. Why? This video explains why your property insurance bill is higher…and what you can do about it.

Learn Where Candidates Stand on the Issues


Get Involved:

Visit for non-partisan news and information about the elections, as well as a complete list of candidates on November’s ballot.

You Can Help Florida Win

Florida’s General Election is just 20 days away. Learn about a new and completely free online program to help you, your family, coworkers and friends understand the issues and candidates on Florida’s ballot.

Get Involved:

Visit for non-partisan news and information about the elections, as well as a complete list of candidates on November’s ballot.

Early Voting…Fast, Easy, Convenient

The Florida Chamber of Commerce encourages you to vote in the upcoming primary election. Early voting has already begun in several counties, and for many other counties, early voting begins tomorrow, Saturday, August 16. Early voting offers you more flexibility in your schedule and often takes less time, as the lines are usually shorter than on Election Day (Tuesday, August 26).

To help keep Florida moving in the right direction, the Florida Chamber has endorsed candidates for Governor, Cabinet and the Florida Legislature that will help create opportunities for families and small businesses. Click here to see the Florida Chamber’s pro-jobs, pro-business candidate endorsements.

To find out where early voting locations are in your county, visit FloridaWins.Org, click on “Get Involved” and review the information under No. 2 (Vote). This web page will give you the information you need to contact your local Supervisor of Elections, including a phone number, website and address. Simply call or visit your Supervisor of Elections website to learn about early voting locations in your area. Different counties may have different early voting dates and times, so be sure to check with the Supervisor of Election in your county.


Did you know, that you may also vote by mailing in an Absentee Ballot? Absentee voting refers to voting on a ballot received by mail or picked up by or for a person who is unable, cannot or simply does not want to go to the polls to vote during early voting or on Election Day. Under Florida law, any qualified voter can request an absentee ballot for any reason. Simply request an Absentee Ballot by phone, mail, or online at your county’s Supervisor of Elections office. But hurry, the deadline to request an Absentee Ballot is Wednesday, August 20, 2014.

Thank you for taking the time to vote in the upcoming elections!


Facts You Need to Know:

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