Take Action Today to Prevent a Patchwork of Regulations

A bill to prevent a patchwork of regulations will be heard by the House Workforce Development and Tourism Subcommittee on Tuesday, March 19. The bill, HB 847 sponsored by Representative Bob Rommel will prohibit local governments from adopting regulations related to conditions of employment, including: background checks, hours of work and scheduling, job classifications, and salary information.  Florida already preempts minimum wage and employment benefits, such as paid sick leave, to the state.

Labor unions like the AFL-CIO have long supported county and state employer mandates. Furthermore, some local governments believe they have the authority to regulate business activities even if they take place across multiple jurisdictions. In Florida, such an effort could lead to different mandates from one county to the next. In a state with 67 counties and 412 cities, the reams of regulatory paperwork required could force small businesses to shed jobs, and even permanently close their doors.



Take two minutes to email members of the House Workforce Development and Tourism Subcommittee and voice your support for HB 847.

New Legislation Would Intentionally Slow Down Post-Storm Communities Recovery

Contact Your Legislator


Your Voice is Needed.

The Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee on Tuesday will discuss legislation that will delay the reopening of communities, and limit access to goods and services after a natural disaster.

Under SB 1828 by Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez, all businesses including restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and hardware stores would be forced to keep their doors closed for an extended period of time after a natural disaster.

This bill creates a cause of action if an employer takes any retaliatory action if the employee evacuates and does not return to work within a specified time frame after an emergency evacuation order.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce opposes SB 1828 because it creates a new cause of action against job creators and slows the recovery efforts for all Floridans and hurts the overall economy.

Contact Your Legislator Today

Don’t let SB 1828 slow the recovery of your community or force new employer mandates on your business. Contact your legislator today and tell them to vote against SB 1828.