From Summer Storms to Hurricanes, Florida Businesses Should be Prepared for Inclement Weather

If there’s one thing we know how to handle in Florida, it’s what to do when bad weather rolls through. We have lists to ensure our families are safe and our pantries are stocked. But what about our businesses?

When it comes to natural disasters, Florida’s businesses must be prepared. This is why Florida Chamber member AppRiver has made its Digital Disaster Preparedness Program, a service designed to protect and preserve email traffic, free to organizations facing imminent natural disasters such as hurricanes or flooding.

“This service was designed to protect business email during an outage and help companies get up and running again as quickly as possible,” said Michael Murdoch, CEO, AppRiver. “Email is critical and a business shouldn’t have to lose important messages even in the midst of a natural disaster.”

So what exactly is the Digital Disaster Program? The cloud-based service averts email downtime by redirecting an organization’s email to one of AppRiver`s secure data centers in the event of a natural catastrophe. Once the danger passes and connectivity is restored, AppRiver will forward all outage-period email back to the company`s server, free of charge.

Registration is simple and typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete:

  • Businesses simply contact AppRiver to receive step-by-step instructions for redirecting their email to AppRiver`s secure servers.
  • Almost immediately thereafter, AppRiver will begin monitoring the company`s server activity.
  • When AppRiver detects a loss in connectivity with the email server, its service will begin queuing the business’ incoming messages in one of its own securely located data centers until the participant’s servers are able to receive email again.


Get Connected:

For more information, click here or contact us at gblose@flchamber.com and see how your business can be prepared.

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