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Many in Florida’s small business community are experiencing both challenges and successes as our economy grows. As we work to secure Florida’s future, it is crucial that the Florida Chamber of Commerce understands what issues are most important to small businesses. The Small Business Index Survey tracks trends and issues affecting small businesses in Florida. Small business owners are surveyed in order to monitor small business trends and identify emerging issues that may be addressed by the Florida Chamber’s Small Business Council.

Businesses Still Need a Skilled Workforce

Survey Results: 2018 – Quarter 3

Florida job creators continue to grow increasingly concerned about workforce quality, according to the latest Florida Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index Survey. This is the sixth quarter in a row in which employers are concerned about finding skilled workforce to meet open job demands.

Small businesses are also concerned about economic uncertainty – likely a signal that recent activities with tariffs and international trade are causing some concern. This is the second time economic uncertainty has been identified as a top concern this year.

The Florida Chamber’s quarterly Small Business Index statewide survey shows small businesses are most concerned about:

  • Workforce quality (29 percent),
  • Economic uncertainty (14 percent)
  • Government regulations (9 percent),
  • Lawsuit abuse (9 percent),
  • Healthcare costs (6 percent),

Of Florida small businesses, 45 percent of respondents expect to hire in the next six months, and 44 percent expect to make investments in plants or equipment- both good signs for continued expansion of Florida’s economy.

The Florida Chamber’s Small Business Index Survey was conducted electronically June 13, 2018 through July 13, 2018.  26 percent of respondents employ less than five employees, while 48 percent employ five to 49 employees. Click here to view the full report.




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