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Senator Bill Nelson is a Critical Swing Vote on the
Regulatory Accountability Act and He Needs to Hear From Us.

The U.S. Senate is considering a bill of major importance to businesses in Florida: The Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA). The RAA would bring more transparency and public participation to the rulemaking process and reform our outdated rulemaking system. After 70 years, it is time to modernize a process which is costing Florida businesses millions each year in lost jobs, compliance costs, and red tape.

The bill has already passed the House. Now, Senator Bill Nelson is a critical swing vote on the RAA and he needs to hear from us.

Business leaders around the country are counting on us to deliver this vote for the RAA. If Florida can’t come through, we may be stuck with another decade of unelected D.C. bureaucrats making rules in the dark. Just click here.If you click here, you can fill out a web form and send a support letter to Senator Nelson. It will take only 3 minutes.

Thank you for standing up for Florida.

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