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Securing Florida’s Water Future – Legislative Update

The Florida Chamber supports securing Florida’s water future by developing science-based water solutions that encourage the use of alternative water supplies to help promote sustainable economic growth. With that in mind, the Florida Chamber is advocating for lawmakers to include more science-based solutions in their legislation. Below is an update on this issue:

HB 7003

One of the first bills to pass the Florida House this year was HB 7003, a Florida Chamber-backed comprehensive water bill that is science-based. The Senate is currently working the House bill through the process, and the Florida Chamber is encouraging the Senate to adopt the House bill.

Amendment 1

The Florida House is currently proposing to fund Amendment 1 to the tune of $772.1 million. The Senate has proposed a $714.2 million plan for Amendment 1. The amounts aren’t the only difference, however, as a discussion is happening regarding which projects receive funding. The Florida Chamber is urging legislators to use a majority of investment toward water supply and infrastructure to meet current and future need.

Watch and Share This Short Water Video:

Water is an important issue throughout Florida for different reasons. Watch and share this short video with your employees, colleagues and friends and help become a part of Florida’s water solutions.


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