Representative Jay Trumbull Discusses the Impact of AOB Abuse in Florida


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The Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line public affairs program spoke with Representative Jay Trumbull of Panama City on the impact of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) abuse in Florida and an AOB reform bill that he sponsored. The bill, HB 7015, is intended to protect consumers and reduce rates for all Floridians.


“The biggest problem is that there has been an incredible amount of fraud and abuse associated with an assignment of benefit. Just in 2006, there were around 400 lawsuits associated with assignment of benefit; in 2016 there were over 28,000. So that is 6,000 percent increase,” Representative Trumbull said. “The reality is, this has been the fourth or fifth year that an assignment of benefits bill has been filed. I’m really proud of the Florida House to be able to pass a bill in the first week of session. It really puts the onus on the Senate to make sure that they come to the table and we see real reform for all Floridians.”


The Florida House passed HB 7015 with an 82-20 vote.


What is Being Said

The Wall Street Journal in its “Protecting Legal Fraud in Florida” editorial this week said, Florida won’t continue to prosper if it becomes a “mecca for looting by lawsuit.”


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