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Rep. Matt Caldwell Discusses Comprehensive Water Bill, AOB and Pension Reform

“It’s no secret water is a key component to our success here in Florida.”

Rep. Matt Caldwell, (R-Lehigh Acres)

Rep. Matt Caldwell today joined the Florida Chamber of Commerce to discuss several issues before the legislature during the 2016 Legislative Session which began today.

Among them, the Florida Chamber’s long-supported comprehensive water bill, which is expected to fully pass the legislature this week.


“Whether its ensuring long-term supply in Central Florida, restoring the springs in North Florida as well as the Everglades, this bill goes a long way toward accomplishing all of that,” said Rep. Caldwell.


Rep. Caldwell also discussed the need for assignment of benefits reform, commonly known as AOB.


“This is an issue- fraud has clearly grown,” said Rep. Caldwell.


Today, the Florida Chamber announced a broad-based group of business leaders, consumer advocates, real estate agents, construction contractors, insurance agents and insurance trade groups who form the Consumer Protection Coalition and are pushing for reforms to end AOB abuse on its new web platform – www.FightFraud.Today.

Rep. Caldwell also discussed the need for state pension reform and fixing out state’s current unfunded liability.


“This year, we are pushing  strongly for a change in the default, and that is, when a state employee is hired, they get to make a choice whether to be in the pension or in the investment plan. Today if they don’t make a choice, they are placed in the pension automatically. Since most state employees don’t work the minimum seven years to vest, they actually never receive retirement of any kind from the state. So just the basic question of fairness, we think we ought to default those folk to the investment plan for that reason… We believe the investment plan is the future.”



Click here to sign the AOB petition and help us stop insurance fraud!

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