Reaching Florida 2030 Goals Crucial to Florida’s Future Workforce

Thank you to those who joined us for the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2019 Learners to Earners Workforce Summit in Orlando. We heard from business and education leaders, industry experts, elected officials and community leaders in discussions on Florida’s future workforce needs and the importance of each step along the cradle to career continuum.

Three Important Takeaways

1. Florida is in A Global Talent War

With talent quickly becoming the economic development tool of choice, Florida is in a global talent war for jobs. In order for Florida to reach the Florida 2030 goal of moving from the 17th largest economy to the top 10, we must build a strong workforce.The Florida 2030 Blueprint provides goals for Florida’s Talent Pipeline that will help ensure a well trained and globally competitive workforce by 2030.

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2. Apprenticeship Programs for the 21st Century

Apprenticeships programs are on the rise and becoming more important to meeting the 21st century needs of businesses. Summit partner CareerSource Florida provided the latest on the growth of apprenticeship programs in Florida and led discussions on apprenticeships as an important solution for both businesses and job seekers, complimenting a traditional postsecondary degree or providing an alternative path to a career.

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3. Collaboration is Key to Florida’s Future

As Florida prepares to add 4.5 million more residents and works to create 1.5 million more jobs, preparing our workforce today is crucial to future success. Discussions during the Summit focused on collaboration and partnerships as crucial to understanding Florida’s business and industry needs and to finding the solutions for preparing students to enter the workforce.

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How To Continue to Conversation

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