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Protecting Against ADA ‘Drive-By’ Lawsuits with New Resources

Florida businesses now have resources to protect them from Americans with Disabilities Act “Drive-By” lawsuits, while they also continue creating a diverse and inclusive work environment for all Floridians.

Today, the Florida Chamber of Commerce stood with Representative Tom Leek (R-Daytona Beach) in announcing an educational campaign to help businesses affected by ADA lawsuits. This educational campaign is a result of HB 727, sponsored by Rep. Leek and supported by the Florida Chamber, signed into law by Governor Rick Scott following the 2017 Legislative Session.

Businesses now have the opportunity to file a certificate of conformity or remediation plan with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), which is then taken into account by a judge before any actions against the business are taken.

Unscrupulous lawsuits continue to plague Florida, racking up attorney fees and contributing to Florida’s bottom-five legal climate. Representative Leek’s leadership on reforming Florida’s “judicial hellhole” environment and protecting Floridian’s with disabilities earned him a Florida Chamber Distinguished Advocate award in 2017.

Fixing Florida’s broken lawsuit climate will help lower the cost of doing business while also keeping Florida’s business climate competitive. For more information, please click here.

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